1. Futur project visual development

  2. Quick color keys for a futur project. Sequence in the forest. Art by chucco. Alexandre belbari    www.facebook.com/artofchucco

  3. Ugly duck Tale - Art of chucco  CDBF Company

  4. Tale- Ugly Duck CDBF. Paris Art of chucco

  5. Tale- Ugly Duck CDBF. Paris

  6. additional 2 pictures from the tale - Ugly Duck

  7. Art of chucco - Ugly duck Tale

  8. 2 more pictures from the tale.

  9. 2 other previews of the ugly duck tale. :)

  10. After a big month of work, i finally achieved the panoramic tale :) , here is a very small preview of the Icy part. ( part of 20 other illustrations ) Expect many more to come soon ;p

  11. in case you’ve missed this ,  Here is my animation student short that I   directed and animated with A. Aramini,  G. Poitel , Jessica . a and Y. Vincent. back in 2010 at ESMA Montpellier. ( France )

    English subs at :


  12. art of chucco - an old piece a bit remastered ;p

  13. 火烈鳥想成為鴿.  Art by chucco

  14. Wip Wip - Panoramique Tale. 

  15. wip preview  - Panoramique tale -  Creative Digital Book Factory of Paris